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Our Membership Etiquette Policy

It's important for us that our members feel relaxed, safe, comfortable and respected while using the Omyx. As such, we've laid out an etiquette policy for our members-

The Omyx Club, operating both as an online and offline private members club, aims to maintain a high standard of membership. As a result we ask that our members help us to enforce the etiquette laid out below. Our etiquette and club rules are designed to help our members get the most out of The Omyx Club, while feeling safe and comfortable both on the website and smartphone application, as well as at our events. If you ever have any concerns about another member or questions about our club rules we would actively encourage you to get in touch with us at [email protected].

Our Vision
We are founded on the belief that there should be an alternative to the ‘gay scene’ for gay gentlemen to connect and meet like-minded individuals at our events and find meaningful romance and dates on our online. Our members prefer the sophistication, professionalism, subtlety and organisation that The Omyx Club offers. As a result we expect a certain level of decorum and sophistication in our members. Manners are of the upmost importance to our club, we will not tolerate animosity between members. To create a friendly, sociable and caring environment both online and offline is vitally important. As a member of The Omyx Club please be friendly towards other members. This is a social club and we expect a certain level of approachability and social ability from all members.

Sociability and Approachability
Unlike a number of venues and websites, we strongly encourage approachability and sociability between members. Thus, we ask that if you see a new member either online or at an event that you welcome them. Equally, as a new member we wish for you to feel comfortable and at ease in The Omyx Club, so we would actively encourage you to introduce yourself to other members too. This helps our club to grow as a friendly, safe and enjoyable experience. If you do not wish to meet new members or socialise we would ask you not to attend our events. Furthermore, we would ask you to consider your position of a member of The Omyx Club.

Dating and Socialising
Part of our appeal as a gay members club is to single gay men looking to meet likeminded individuals. We encourage this but understand that a considerable portion of our members are already in a relationship and are looking to use our club solely for socialising. If your profile states that you are married, partnered or dating and you have been approached by another member with the proposition of dating or a relationship, please politely make them aware of your current situation. If a member continues to contact you with ulterior motives than friendship, business or purely platonic purposes then we would ask that you report it to us at [email protected]. As a single gay man please make sure you behave with the upmost decorum with regards to dating. We would encourage single members to introduce themselves to others who appeal to them and suggest meeting for a coffee, drink or meal as a first date. When approaching other members please check their profile and ensure they have stated that they are single too. If you feel uncomfortable with advances from other members then please politely make them aware of this. If advances continue then please also report this to us.

Our events are aimed at socialising and networking in a safe and non-scene environment. We would, similar to our online and app based platform, encourage members to be friendly, accessible and sociable. If, as a member, you see a new attendee that you haven’t seen before please do introduce yourself. As a new attendee of an Omyx Club event, we would encourage you to introduce yourself to others. If you see two members having a conversation then, unless you consider yourself a close friend, you should not interrupt or intrude upon their conversation. Unless stated otherwise, a smart casual dress code should always be assumed. There are a number of venues where jeans will not be acceptable. As a club we accept smart/designer jeans but venues themselves may not. If in doubt please enquire prior to the event. Unless stated otherwise please assume that every event is open to all members, regardless of their relationship status. Event attendees may be single or already in relationships.

We have an affiliate and referral programme in which, as a member, you can benefit from introducing other members. Please enquire via [email protected] if you would like to find out about our latest referral offers and discounts. Please only refer a member who you feel would be a suitable fit for the club. While we are not strict on our acceptance policy we do review each profile registered and will take into account referrers too.

Membership Criteria
We do not have a strict criteria for new members, our aim is to be as accessible and accepting of all those who wish to become Omyx Club members as possible. However, we do review each new member’s profile and expect a certain level of discretion, professionalism and sophistication. These reviews are under our discretion at all times. Under no circumstances do we tolerate the use of profanity in profiles. Additionally, any language or references that we feel other members may be offended by, will not be accepted. It goes without saying (we hope) and is stated as part of our ‘terms of use’ policy but we have zero tolerance for content that: is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence. If you are seeking a relationship and intend to use The Omyx Club as a dating platform then please respect that we are not, on any level, a “hook-up” platform. There are thousands of “hook-up” applications already in existence, so if you intend to use The Omyx Club for instant gratification, please don’t register – you won’t be accepted. Reference to sexual activities is strictly prohibited on all levels too. Profile pictures must be clear photos of one or more individuals. For more details on the etiquette of photo uploads please see the separate photos section. Members must be at least eighteen years of age to register and under no circumstances do we accept corporate profiles or multiple profiles by the same member.

Members’ Privacy
We take our members’ privacy very seriously. As such we have set out a detailed privacy policy which covers all aspects of data shared, privacy entitlement and privacy offerings. A general rule of thumb is that while this is a private network, it is online and there are other members who can view your profile and details. We expect all members to be discreet but cannot, in any way, enforce this. If you have concerns about your privacy then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via [email protected]. As a member please respect other users’ right to privacy. Violation of this will be taken extremely seriously.

Our Terms and Privacy Policy
As a member, when you register you will have accepted our ‘terms of use’ and ‘privacy policy’ documents. These have more details of acceptable Omyx Club use and details of the privacy we ensure we maintain for our members. If you have any concerns around anything either mentioned in this club etiquette document or our ‘terms of use’ and ‘privacy policy’ documentation then please contact us but do not register. Registration shows acceptance of these documents.