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What is the Omyx Club?
The Omyx Club is a gay men’s lifestyle club, operating on a global scale. We offer both a website and various smartphone applications too. Additionally, we have a range of existing and engaging events with everything from social drinks receptions to sporting events, arts and culture trips to business networking. Our club offers an environment online and offline to connect and meet likeminded single and partnered gay men for socialising, networking, dating, travel, events and more.
Is the Omyx Club a gay dating website?
Yes and no. We do not consider ourselves to be a “dating website” per say - for the plain reason that we offer so much more than dating. Dating, however, is something we actively encourage our single members to use the Omyx Club for. Dating is tied into our socialising offering and so offers members the opportunity to search for other single members on the Omyx Club, without the pressure and expectation that all messages relate to dating. We encourage partnered and married gay men to join the Omyx Club too in order to socialise and meet other likeminded gay couples, new friends and business connections.
How can I join?
Registration is very easy and involves a two-step form to be completed. The first step of registration is basic personal details such as your name and email address. The second step of registration is the completion of your Omyx Club profile and selecting a membership package. All-in-all it should take less than 3 minutes to join the Omyx Club.
Is there a membership approval process?
We review all new profiles and profile photo uploads to ensure they are in-line with our terms of use and membership etiquette. Once a profile is reviewed and found to be suitable it will automatically become visible to all our existing club members. If a profile or photos do not match our guidelines and terms of use then we will send an email to said member, notifying them that there is an issue with their profile.
z How much does membership cost?
We have two membership subscriptions – monthly and annual. If you choose to pay annually then you’ll pay a fee of £120, the equivalent of £10 a month. If you decide to pay monthly you’ll pay £15 a month. There is also an option to join as a free member with limited club access and no event access. If you do decide to join as a free member then you can upgrade your account at anytime.
What is the membership contract?
You can either join the Omyx Club as a free and limited member or a full club member. If you join as a full club member you can either join us on a monthly or annual membership. Regardless of whether you join as a monthly or annual member there is no contract tie-in and you can cancel at anytime. All membership is automatically recurring but there is no tie-in contract and each month or year’s membership is paid upfront. There are no refunds if you cancel your membership early, but you will remain a member for the remainder of the time you’ve paid for – either the rest of the month or year.
Is there any membership criteria?
We ask that all prospective members review our club etiquette guide, here, as well as our terms of use and privacy policy documentation. The criteria are based on these guides and simply ensure that our club keeps a standard our members expect. All members must be at least 18 years old in order to join. We are open globally and welcome members from all over the world.
What are the membership rules?
We have a membership etiquette guide, for the benefit of all our members. Please do take a look at it when registering as a member of the Omyx Club. Additionally, we have terms of use and privacy policy documentation in place to ensure the safety of the club and our members. We hope it goes without saying but we expect all of our members to be discreet, friendly, courteous, considerate and polite at all times.
Can existing members invite others to join?
Yes! We encourage our members to invite friends and contacts to join us and there is functionality on the website where you can share an invitation through social media and via email too. If five of your friends/contacts join The Omyx Club through the invitation link on your account then you will be gifted with a month’s free membership too.
How can I close my account?
You can close your account at any time by going to your account settings. The option to terminate your account is at the bottom of the page and once terminated you will no longer be visible to other club members. At the point of terminating your account you will have 30 days in which you can login again to reactivate your account. If you do not login again for 30 days after confirming the termination of your account then your account and personal details will be removed from our primary database and will no longer be accessible.
How secure is the Omyx Club?
We are acutely aware of the threats online and have 256-bit security encryptions in place throughout the website, with a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate. We regularly back-up personal data, encrypt all passwords and never pass on account information to third-party partners without your express permission. We do not directly handle any payment information; this is all taken care of through PayPal and Braintree Payments – the leading world experts in online payments and transactions.
Is my account private?
All approved Omyx Club members are visible to other members, subject to their privacy settings. There are privacy settings which, if you choose to enable, will hide your profile picture from other members who you have not added as a connection. No profiles will ever appear on any search engine and are not visible to anyone who is not a member.
Are there privacy settings?
There are indeed. We have a range of privacy settings which: allow you to hide your profile picture from members who you’re not connected with; allow you to hide your online/offline status; allow you to view other profiles without others seeing this; allow you to disable the sending of messages from non connected members; and allow you to hide your RSVP status to events.
I’ve booked tickets to an event, is there a refund policy?
For the large majority of events there is no refund offer available. However, on some of the more popular events you can enquire and it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to apply for a refund to an event that you’ve purchased tickets for please do get in touch with our support team directly on [email protected].
Can I report another member for misuse of the club?
You certainly can. We actively encourage our members being advocates and moderators of the Omyx Club. Simply email [email protected], providing as much detail surrounding the incident as possible. We will then investigate and follow-up quickly.
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